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Clinical developments in 2023 have prepared us for an exciting 2024

Last year, 2023, proved to be a very active year for The Implant Experts. We are grateful to have received a wide variety of referrals ranging from aesthetically challenging single tooth anterior cases to dual full arch immediate load implant supported reconstructions. We also received an increasing number of periodontal specialist referrals.

We have now fully moved over to using the new design DentsplySirona OmniTaper implant. This brings many benefits compared with other premiums implants. OmniTaper has the  OsseoSpeed surface technology which provides rapid and reliable integration of the implants. It also is engineered with the EV prosthetic connection which is the only interface designed specifically for digital solutions.

We have therefore been able to move over to a fully digital restorative pathway. Our patients receive intraoral scanning rather than conventional impressions. The scans are processed in the laboratory for milled titanium and zirconia restorations. This significantly simplifies the patient journey and provides greater accuracy of fit and predictability.

There have been some additions to our growing clinical team, and you can find out more about this together with other items of news by clicking on the links below.

If you would like to spend a session or day with us and find out more about how we work, please contact our clinic manager [email protected] . You may also be interested in finding out how you can train and get involved in providing the implant restorations for your patients.

On behalf of the whole team at The Implant Experts we look forward to working with you and your referred patients during the forthcoming year.

Written by Dr Anthony Bendkowski

A specialist in oral surgery in practice limited to implant reconstructive surgery

January 18, 2024

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