We invest in our relationships with our referring dentists, reassuring those who do not wish to undertake restoring work and providing free training and support for those who do.

If, like many of our referring dentists, you have no wish to be involved in restoring implants, you can be assured that we are more than happy to manage the entire treatment process. From the initial assessment of requirement, through surgery, to the final restoration of the permanent crowns, your patient will receive highly professional care. The patient of course, will continue to be your patient throughout their treatment with us and will be returned to your care at the end.

If you would like to exercise more control over the implant process by restoring your patients, then we will be pleased to share our expert knowledge with you. We will help you plan the case, write the treatment plan and complete all the other paperwork. You will also receive free training and mentoring until you are completely confident of your ability to carry out successful restorations. We provide all our ‘trainees’ with certificates confirming the relevant number of CPD hours gained.

Not only will you benefit from the additional income stream generated by restoring your patients, but the reputation of your practice will be enhanced by the addition of implant treatments to the range of clinical skills currently available.

For those dentists already placing implants, we offer the opportunity to brush up on their skills and consider more advanced cases in our purpose-designed clinic in Maidstone.