‘Teeth in a Day’, or ‘Same Day Teeth’, is becoming an increasingly popular dental implant treatment. With advances in technology and techniques, it is now possible to have failing teeth removed, dental implants placed and a bridge fitted all in one appointment.

However how long does the overall Teeth in a Day process take?

There is in fact a considerable amount of planning involved in preparing for the day of surgery. Our oral surgery specialist will work closely with a dental laboratory to determine the best way to restore your smile – identifying the number of dental implants you need, where they should go, and how the final bridge will be fixed.

1. Initial consultation

This is where we will discuss your suitability for the procedure. We will check the amount of bone in your jaw, via x-rays and CT scans as necessary and we will discuss what you want to achieve with the process and how you want to look afterwards.

At this stage you will also be provided with a full treatment plan letting you know the schedule and costs of treatment.

2. First dental impressions

This is the first stage of treatment. We will take a physical dental impression, which will form a permanent record of how your teeth are at the beginning of treatment. This dental impression will be sent to a dental laboratory where the diagnostic work will be undertaken.

3. Assessing your bite

Once the initial diagnostic work has been undertaken, your bite will need to be assessed to show exactly how your bottom teeth and top teeth meet together. This is done using a byte block made of dental wax – it is moulded to fit over the spaces between your teeth. The wax is then sent to the dental laboratory.

4. The mock up of your new teeth

Once your bite has been accurately recorded the dental technician will create a mock up of your new teeth. This provides you with an opportunity to see the planned result, to move teeth around slightly, discuss the colour of them and how you want your final smile to look. Some patients prefer teeth that are slightly crooked as this looks more natural, but some people prefer a perfect Hollywood smile… It’s all up to you.

We do all of our planning on these digital and physical records of your jaw and teeth – and the key to successful Teeth in a Day lies in the planning!  It’s therefore important that you attend all of your pre-treatment appointments.  We will ensure each stage is correct before progressing to the next – and that way we know that on the day of surgery, things will progress smoothly and you will leave the dental implant centre with the smile you have always dreamt of.

If you would like to discuss dental implants with The Implant Experts, call to arrange your free initial chat with our Dental Implant Co-ordinator where you can discuss your situation, find out what the various treatment options entail and their prices.