Dental implants are one of the most effective methods to restore lost or damaged teeth. Thanks to their permanent adhesion to the bones of your jaw, they will normally last for decades at a time.

Implants are also highly beneficial due to their natural aesthetic appearance. They will mirror the look and feel of existing teeth, so you can enjoy a healthy smile and you will no longer have to worry about avoiding certain foods.

However, what is the relationship between dental implants and gum disease? Might these implants help to prevent such a condition? Let us take a look at what industry professionals and the average dentist have to say.

The Relationship Between Implants and Your Jaw Bone

The jaw bone serves as an anchor for all of your teeth as well as for any implants that you may be receiving. Denser and stronger jaw bone will help to prevent tooth loss over time. One of the most interesting benefits of dental implants is that their foundations can essentially act as replacements for any bone that might have been lost as a natural component of ageing. Thus, they can help to prevent other teeth from becoming loose or falling out in the future.

Implants and Gum Disease

While dental implants are impervious to certain conditions such as cavities, it is important to point out that they can still be affected by gum disease. The main concern is that this disease could impact the gum tissue immediately around the implant itself. This is also the reason why your dentist will check to make sure that your gums are healthy before the implantation procedure takes place.

Who Qualifies for Implants?

There are two main factors which a dentist will take into account before approving implants:

  • Whether or not you currently have gum disease.
  • The density of your jaw bone.

If you have gum disease, this condition will need to be treated before the process can begin. There are also times when those with insufficient bone density will not qualify for an implant. The good news is that the answers to these questions can be easily determined.

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SOURCE: “Can Dental Implants Help Prevent Gum Disease?”