Partners in Practice (PIP) Training Evenings

We run a range of training evenings on an ongoing basis for dentists interested in restoring the implants we place. Our ‘Introduction to Implants’ course is a great way to find out if restoring is for you.

Wednesday 20th September

PIP meeting – New trends in implant dentistry – How the digital workflow could simplify treatment
Anthony Bendkowski, TIE Implant Surgeon

Wednesday 11th October

Hygienist Forum – How to unleash your hygienist’s full potential!
Fahd Saleh, TIE Clinical Lead for Periodontics

Thursday 18th January 2018

PIP meeting
Nick Cooper, TIE Implant Surgeon

Tuesday 6th March

PIP meeting
Orestis Angeletos-Paparizos, TIE Implant Surgeon

Wednesday 16th May

PIP meeting
Fahd Saleh, TIE Clinical Lead for Periodontics

All courses are held at our centre in Maidstone and start at 6pm.

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